Since the 2007 vintage, J.M. Aujoux Wines want to offer, through them Moment de Plaisir range, an indisputable quality, a clear color and a touch of innovation on labels, while remaining accessible.

These values permited to this range to become one of the best-seller on the traditional French and international circuit, with almost 800,000 bottles selling. Discover a label in tune with the times, innovative, elegant and fun.

In order to appreciate this beautiful rosé in the best conditions, Moment de Plaisir team develops a label, both playful, impactful and creating an exchange with the final consumer.

Besides the back-up of the label that surprises the consumer with an exclusive «frosted» paper, this label provides information on the service temperature. This means that when the rosé reaches a temperature around 9°C, a blue swimmer appears with the words “Ready to drink”.

Freshness and pleasure guaranteed!

Do not forget.. to turn the bottle!
Admire swimmers having a good time through the crystalline rosé. Not to bad, right?

Moment de plaisir